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That may be the order, but Drowned Ammet had me completely confused before I
read Spellcoats,

On 16/06/07, Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
> Farah suggested:
> >You might want  to read Spellcoats before Drowned Ammet or you will lose
> a
> >lot of the nuance.
> Which is interesting, because the publication order was Cart and Cwidder,
> 1975, Drowned Ammet, 1977, and The Spellcoats, 1979, so DWJ herself read
> them in an order that must have lost a lot of the nuance.
> DWJ, consulted on this, says that she read them in order of publication
> when she re-read them some years ago (I think probably when she was
> writing
> The Crown of Dalemark, of which she had three chapters for ten years
> before
> it finally came together) and was "surprised by the way they came rather
> majestically to a climax, which I was very pleased about".  She then
> talked
> briefly and in a slightly surprised way about the fact that
> "unconsciously,
> I think I start to lay down clues for myself either in Chapter One of a
> new
> book or from things in one that I have written already."
> A clue for readers about reading-order would be in the set of four
> paperbacks of Dalemark that came out simultaneously from Mandarin in 1993:
> the covers of those four books are, splendidly, a panorama, and if you
> have
> two copies of each and lay them side-by-side you get a continuous picture
> from the back cover of Cart and Cwidder round through to the front of The
> Crown of Dalemark.
> Not, as DWJ says, that it ought to matter, because she rather *hopes* that
> each of them stands on its own really.
> Minnow
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