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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Jun 16 06:44:39 EDT 2007

Farah suggested:

>You might want  to read Spellcoats before Drowned Ammet or you will lose a
>lot of the nuance.

Which is interesting, because the publication order was Cart and Cwidder,
1975, Drowned Ammet, 1977, and The Spellcoats, 1979, so DWJ herself read
them in an order that must have lost a lot of the nuance.

DWJ, consulted on this, says that she read them in order of publication
when she re-read them some years ago (I think probably when she was writing
The Crown of Dalemark, of which she had three chapters for ten years before
it finally came together) and was "surprised by the way they came rather
majestically to a climax, which I was very pleased about".  She then talked
briefly and in a slightly surprised way about the fact that "unconsciously,
I think I start to lay down clues for myself either in Chapter One of a new
book or from things in one that I have written already."

A clue for readers about reading-order would be in the set of four
paperbacks of Dalemark that came out simultaneously from Mandarin in 1993:
the covers of those four books are, splendidly, a panorama, and if you have
two copies of each and lay them side-by-side you get a continuous picture
from the back cover of Cart and Cwidder round through to the front of The
Crown of Dalemark.

Not, as DWJ says, that it ought to matter, because she rather *hopes* that
each of them stands on its own really.


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