[DWJ] Re: Dwj Digest, Vol 22, Issue 11

Steffi Koh bunnisteffi at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 21:43:50 EDT 2007

> Elizabeth Evans wrote:
> >Since the last round of intros I have gained an MA and a mortgage, in
> that order.
> Congratulations on your MA!  I'm always glad to hear about people getting
> graduate degrees several years after college.  My mother returned to
> graduate school for an MS and PhD when I was 12, and ever since then I've
> been upset that more people don't go for degrees even if they haven't been
> in school for a while.  She got a lot of support but also a lot of criticism
> for "abandoning" her family in order to focus on graduate school.
> I've been reading this list and commenting sporadically for about a year,
> but I'm not sure if I ever introduced myself.  I'm an undergraduate student
> in the USA, working on a degree comprising history, political studies,
> French, and anything else that sounds interesting.  I like DWJ.  That's
> about all there is to me.
> ------------------------------

Okies. My turn.

Goodness, I feel incredibly young here. I'm four-and-ten years old and I'm
still studying. Aiming to be a vet. (I love animals!) There're' Toppy and
Eveie (Topaz and Valentine Eve, who're born on 13 Feb, 4 years old now), my
rabbits, whom I adopted... about 3 years or so ago from the House Rabbit
Society of Singapore. Goodness. Time does seem to fly!

Anyway, I love reading. Mostly fantasy stuff. I was reading Will of the
Empress (again) by Tamora Pierce. And before that, it was The Pinhoe Egg and
The Game, by our DWJ =). And previous to that... The Riddle, think, by
Alison Croggon. And *before  *that, The Tide Knot, by Helen Dunmore. And my
favourite book (since the start of 2006) is Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. I
love Twilight! It's one of the best vampire roamnces there ever was! (It's
YA, not llike Anita Blake etc.)
Well, that's about all.


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