[DWJ] Introductions

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Fri Jun 15 12:58:07 EDT 2007

I'm Sally O from Tasmania (where it is winter). I've been a member of this 
list for some years, but go through lurker periods when I'm too busy reading 
(I'm a manuscript assessor) and writing (I write fantasy and sf and also 
educational stuff) to read and write. I trust that makes sense? I've been 
married for 28 years, have a grown up married RAAFie son and a grown up 
daughter who is currently living back with us. In theory, anyway. I also 
live with some Jack Russell terriers, which is why I'm writing this intro at 
2.40 a.m. The heater has to go off when I got to bed, and they do not wish 
me to turn it off. Preacher is in one armchair, Jeanie in another and me in 
the third. Tilly-Tump and Tess are down by my feet.

DWJ is one of my longterm favourite authors. My favourite books of hers 
include HMC, DS and F&H. I also appreciate some books by Margaret Mahy, and 
Elizabeth Marie Pope. This list has introduced me to other authors I enjoy, 
including Charlie,  and I have quite a collection of Bujolds which I have 
not yet found the time and willpower to read. I write a sporadic blog about 
books at LJ under the name of Auntie Tidge, and spend much too much time 
cultivating my various websites. If you want to see a recent picture of me 
(which you may not at all wish to do) there is one at 
I usually look better than this... but have been sick with various bugs 
since early April.

That's about it about me, but I look forward to refreshing my mind on 
everyone else's bio.

Sallyo (who is not a jeenyus and who is almost never right.) 

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