[DWJ] Congrats Charlie

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jun 11 06:28:17 EDT 2007

Charlie explained:

>Yes it's annual, but it seems that a book can be entered up to three years
>after its first publication. And in fact, even past finalists can be
>re-entered, should they happen not to win. Lois Kuznets' book *When Toys
>Come Alive*, for example, lost twice, and won at the third and last time of
>asking. It's an odd system, but I suppose it compensates for the fact that
>some years there'll be several good books published, and other years few or

Another thing about it: as I understand it, this award is like the
Clarke Award in that the books for the shortlist, and the final winner,
are selected not by a mass popular vote but by a team of people who read
all the books that have been submitted, and add any that they feel ought
to be included into the 'long-list', rather than its relying on merely
whoever happens to have noticed it exists this time round.

Winning it is therefore [a] rather less likely to be influenced by the 
38,000 people who having only read one of the books on the shortlist 
vote for that one from a position of complete ignorance about all the 
others, and [b] clearly a Very Good Thing Indeed because one's work has 
been judged in an informed way rather than on an 'ooh it's about 
vampires must vote for that' manner.

Good luck, Charlie!  


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