[DWJ] Re: Totally OT: Who is blogging?

Ruth Pitt ruthssp at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 2 11:34:42 EDT 2007

De-lurking briefly ....

I blog at LJ too.   I'm chomiji on livejournal.com .   It's mostly book 
reviews (right now I'm on a shoujo manga reading kick) plus a little 
real-life stuff, and I just started in back in December.  

LiveJournal is interesting - a number of authors blog there (examples: 
Ellen Kushner, Martha Wells), and there are a lot of people who read 
fantasy and science fiction and like to talk about it in their blogs. 
 It may not be the best blogging service technically, but I like the 
type of people who are blogging there.

... back into lurkerdom.

- Ruth / Chomiji

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