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Mon Jul 30 03:51:54 EDT 2007

Melissa -

I've been gobbling up your essays since last night, when my internet  
started working again.
More, more!
Well done.

Some points that may not need making, but were my opinions anyway:

- James Potter etc were the popular boys, they were bullies. Snape  
had an unhealthy interest in Dark Arts. James could not have  
understood Snape's childhood and worldview, coming as he did from a  
loving family. Lilly's opinion of young James is deserved. I can very  
easily see Lupin and Sirius later not wanting to tarnish the memory  
of James and themselves in Harry's eyes. Lupin and Sirius knew  
themselves and James a long time after this incident - their  
recollections would have been through the lens of many years of  
improved and heroic behaviour. Teenagers are frequently awful, though  
this is no excuse for bullying and not everyone is a bully at 16. But  
they can change (I at least have changed since I was 16). Apparently,  
they did change, becoming members of the Order, etc, and also judging  
by the fact that Lilly married James eventually. She wouldn't have  
married a man who was still nasty. My theory is that as Voldemort  
rose to power and things got serious, James and the others grew up  
even more than they might otherwise have done. As for Snape - that  
can wait till you review book 7! Which I can't wait for, by the way!

- Central theme of the books: Oh. Right. That can wait till book 7  
review as well.

- What is it about these books that inspire so much discussion? I  
wish I could even define my own reactions to/thoughts about it! I  
think that's why I am really enjoying these essays: I've had a lot of  
these thoughts, and the essays are saving me the trouble of writing  
it myself.


(I just cut off the second half of my post and will send it as  
another email)


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