[DWJ] Re: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Fri Jul 20 16:34:43 EDT 2007

>Even so, I don't recall any textev that the Marauders treated anybody
else as badly as they did Snape: do you?<

Not at this point in the series. In the next book Harry gets stuck in 
detention having to copy old detention files and replace them. MANY of 
the files were related to attacks by his father and his friends on 
other students. NONE of which, so far as we were told, mentioned Snape 
at all, in any context.

The Quidditch rivalry is certainly obnoxious and devisive. But I don't 
really get the impression that the Slyths are that much worse about it 
than anyone else. Just that the narriative voice makes a point of 
whinging about it from them. I'm sure that Fred and George Weasley were 
every bit as bad.

And to be fair, the worst that the Slyths have ever gotten up to was 
the Inquisatorial Squad -- with Umbridge egging them on all the way. 
Snape wasn't exactly in a position to openly object to any of her 
antics. No more than that he could have afforded to behave decently to 
Potter in Year 1, under QuirrellMort's observation.

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