[DWJ] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 12:42:57 EDT 2007

On 20/07/07, Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at proffitt.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Jul 2007 20:45:55 +0100, Phil Boswell wrote:
> >On 19/07/07, Dorian E. Gray <israfel at eircom.net> wrote:
> >> Oh yes.  James Potter et al are bullies, pure and simple.  One might argue
> >> that that was a one-off, but I don't buy that.  They're what? - about 15,
> >> 16, at that point.  You don't randomly start tormenting someone for fun at
> >> that age; they've probably been bullying Snape (and maybe others) since
> >> they all started at Hogwarts.
> >Even so, I don't recall any textev that the Marauders treated anybody
> >else as badly as they did Snape: do you?
> Is there even any evidence they treated anyone else badly at all? Everything
> up to that point is about them playing harmless Weasley Twin tricks.

That was kind of my point in that question: Dorian's "and maybe
others" suggests that the Marauders might have been randomly hexing
just anyone they happened upon, rather than focussing upon a single

> Still...it does point back to the bully thing; many bullies choose a single
> victim to concentrate their efforts on.  And the aforementioned animosity
> would explain why it was Snape.

There is textev to suggest that the "efforts" did not all go in one
direction: how did they *know* that Snape already knew more curses
when he arrived than many seventh-year pupils unless he demonstrated

Also bear in mind that we find out later that the "Levicorpus" hex
which is used against Snape is apparently one of his own inventions.
You have to wonder how they found out about that one: one assumes that
Snape didn't tell them because he liked them...

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