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Thu Jul 19 15:16:48 EDT 2007

widdy wrote:
>I'll put my 2 cents in for _not_ starting with "Memory". It's actually my
>favorite of the series, but I think it would lose it's profound emotional
>impact without the stories leading up to it.

Fairly important thing to know, if you want chronological and build-up:
I discovered because a friend got turned on to LMB (can it have been
something I said?  Surely not!) and rushed out to get all her work he
could, that unless you buy the paperback *Borders of Infinity* you won't
get the bits between the stories, and those are somewhat telling about
the relationship between Simon and Miles.  I didn't realise it until I
read the stories without the bits between...  The stories from that
collection do get put in elsewhere, in the big volumes of collected
books, but the byplay isn't included.

>I'd argue for chronological order. That can mean starting with the first
>Miles book and "Warrior's Apprentice" or starting with the two Cordelia
>books before that, kindly collected into one volume now as "Cordelia's
>Honor". One of the best lines in the whole series is in there (which I won't
>spoil unless someone asks me to) and some important background for some








is that enough


Could it possibly be anything to do with going shopping?


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