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Something is also wrong with Hermione's organization,
SPEW.   Hermione is shown as being seriously in earnest
about her mission. She does  not say that she's chosen
that ridiculous acronym on purpose (because  it's
striking or absurd or for any other reason.  But she's
too  smart either to have chosen it by accident, or to
keep it once others have  pointed out what the acronym

May I point out that the entirely respectable Society for Promoting  the 
Employment of Women (founded 1859) had the same acronym for many  years? I'm 
fairly sure Rowling knew this. (And it wasn't that Victorians  were somehow too 
uptight to let themselves notice -- Charlotte Yonge  parodies SPEW's name in _The 
Clever Woman of the Family_.)
Helen Schinske

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