[DWJ] Lois MacMaster Bujold

Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Mon Jul 16 14:03:11 EDT 2007

> Reading order. Well, I've read the first three chapters of 
> almost every
> book now, so I'm pretty muddled. But when it came to it, I started
> reading them in chronological order. This is also handy for buying
> them, as you can get two nice compilation volumes: 'Cordelia's Honor',
> which has 'Shards of Honor' and 'Barrayar', and then 'Young Miles',
> which has 'Warrior's Apprentice' and 'The Vor Game'. But yes, 'Miles
> Errant', which has 'Brother's in Arms' and 'Mirror Dance' and so
> *would* have been very useful is a ginormous trade paperback. Why why
> why? And the publishers also seem to have stopped there, which is
> annoying... 

Miles, Mutants and Microbes is coming out in "ginormous trade paperback"
in August 07, at least at the US Amazon site.
It contains "Falling Free", "Labyrinth" (short story), and "Diplomatic

There's also "Miles, Mystery and Mayhem" that contains "Ethan of Athos",
"Labyrinth" (yes, twice), and "Cetaganda."

And forthcoming is "Miles in Love".  I don't know exactly what it will
include, I assume "Komarr" and "A Civil Campaign."

Hope this helps a bit,

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