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Thanks very much for these essays, Melissa; I am enjoying them very
much, and looking forward to the next one/s.
I am doing a series re-read as well, but in contrast to your approach, I
find myself applying hindsight as I read. So, for example, when the
Viktor tenderly removes the beetle from Hermione's hair in 'Goblet' I
can see the significance.
There are a few things that still puzzle me, mostly to do with
Dumbledore - the 'flash of triumph' that Harry thinks he sees in
Dumbledore's eyes towards the end of (I think) Book 3 or Book 4 (damn,
I've read them so close together I can't remember which one is is), and
others that I think I remember from my previous readings but haven't
arrived at yet in the current re-read. (Still going through 'Phoenix',
which, btw, I am enjoying more the second time round. The first time I
read it I was rather swamped by Harry's angriness at everything, so I
just wanted to slap him. The second time it seems more coherent.)


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