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Reading order. Well, I've read the first three chapters of almost every
book now, so I'm pretty muddled. But when it came to it, I started
reading them in chronological order. This is also handy for buying
them, as you can get two nice compilation volumes: 'Cordelia's Honor',
which has 'Shards of Honor' and 'Barrayar', and then 'Young Miles',
which has 'Warrior's Apprentice' and 'The Vor Game'. But yes, 'Miles
Errant', which has 'Brother's in Arms' and 'Mirror Dance' and so
*would* have been very useful is a ginormous trade paperback. Why why
why? And the publishers also seem to have stopped there, which is

I agree with whoever said that 'Warrior's Apprentice' is a good place
to start, for giving you a feel for the series. I've seen some serious
criticism of 'Shards of Honor' for its slightly banal romantic plot
(what the reviewer said was: 'And there's the pathetic excuse for
romance elements: "He's a horrible person from an evil culture... ooo,
rippling muscles")'. 

I've found copies in surprising places: play.com had some, and I went
direct to one of their suppliers, bookdepository.co.uk. There are also
copies in Amazon's Marketplace, and the occasional one at
greenmetropolis.com. Oh, and they do occasionally come up on eBay. 

I've got 'Komarr' and 'A Civil Campaign' ordered. I so hope they arrive
in the right order... 

Btw, was it on this list that someone asked which of us blog? Mine's
partly about babycare and partly about what books I'm reading:


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