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It might  be more accurate to say that Rowling is *more interested* in 
Snape; she's  gone on record as saying that she doesn't like him at all 
and was  astonished to find that some of her readers did.

I remember an interview where she actually told readers (particularly young  
women) that it wasn't a good idea to get romantically obsessed with people who 
 do obviously horrible things. I am paraphrasing like mad, but I definitely 
got  the impression that she thinks Snape may have a good role to play, but as 
a  person he's cruel and yucky, and if you see anyone acting like that in real 
 life, it doesn't matter if they have as much charisma as Alan Rickman can 
lend  them, you should stay far, far away.
Helen Schinske

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