LMB (was Re: [DWJ] Burbling and an introduction)

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 07:45:13 EDT 2007

On 13/07/07,  wrote:
> Phil Boswell wrote:
> > I believe Lois has said she might have something coming down the pike
> > in a little while. She's busy with the Sharing Knife sequence right
> > now (#4 just went in for the first round) and then I think she said
> > she might revisit the Quintarian world. I can dig up the post if you
> > like.
> I'd love to see that post please!

I don't have an actual post from Lois, but a report from her recent
promotional tour. The report was posted to the LMB list 2nd July, so
the meeting must have been late June (it was within the previous week

To quote from the report itself:
> The answers to the questions related to "what's next" were:
> 1) The Sharing Knife #3, working title Grace River (to be marketed under the
> TSK "brand"), currently in the editor's hands
> 2) The Sharing Knife #4, working title The Wide Green World, currently up to
> chapter twenty something
> 3) The Vorkosigan book promised to Baen after Jim Baen's death, no idea
> what/when/where/who yet.


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