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On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, Elizabeth Evans wrote:

> Oh yes, I love that moment too. So satisfying. It would be good to have
> more stories from Miles's world, but 'Diplomatic Immunity' did have a
> kind of feel of closure about it, to me, so I don't know if we'll see
> much more about Miles himself.

For anyone who is amenable to fanfiction and wo craves more
Miles, there is an absolutely fabulous fanfiction novel called _A
Deeper Season_ which forks off after _Memory_.  (Although the
novel goes alternate universe from that point on, the novel and
its sequels do take into account the events of the later books,
involving Ekaterin and other characters from the later books.)
The novel is slash with existing characters who would be forming
other relationships if the fanfic novel weren't forking off from
canon, but it's *not* erotica or porn; if LMB had decided to
write these two characters getting involved in a romantic
relationship I can very much see this being the novel she'd
choose to write.  It's long and plotty, with the romance,
appropriately, intertwined with the intergalactic intrigue.

There are sequels (another novel and a lengthy short story) but A
Deeper Season is by far the best, in my opinion.


As an interesting aside, _Shards of Honor_ started life as fanfic
(Star Trek, I think) which LMB filed the serial numbers off of
and polished for publication. (And she is perforce fine with
people ficcing her work, as long as they don't send it to her or
ask her to read it.)

Now I have to decide if I can read the second book of The Sharing
Knife without rereading the first, which I can't find.

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