[DWJ] Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, part 1

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>  (Do Girl Guides sell
> cookies?  Are they as addictive as Girl Scout Cookies?

Yes, Canadian Girl Guides do sell cookies. They come in only two flavours:
vanilla and chocolate. When I moved to the United States I was amazed at the
variety of GScookies on offer! I innocently asked "what's a thin mint?" in
front of a group of friends who all laughed themselves silly at my ignorance.
The Canadian GGs recently changed manufacturers, and while the cookies may look
the same, they just don't taste how they are _supposed_ to, according to my
memories. It looks like a GG cookie, it tastes like some kind of cookie, but it
doesn't tast like a GG cookie. Most upsetting and disorienting!

>> >  Will this start off
> > yet another of this list's perennially favorite activities: talking about
> > food?)
Sorry, I can't think of a ObDWJ, so this is OT. But you sparked such a strong
memory, Melissa!

Thanks for writing these HP essays, I am enjoying them. I agree with you about
the wizardly ignorance of Muggle life. We know that there are Muggle-born
wizards (Hermione!) and many of them (otherwise, why the whole 'mud-blood'
fear), so there must be lots of former Muggles in the wizarding world who know
all about Muggles and Muggle life from their childhood and Muggle families.


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