[DWJ] Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, part 2

liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Thu Jul 12 07:47:37 EDT 2007

Melissa wrote lots of interesting things that I don't have the time to comment on (just that I believe the juvinel/ya distinction is a good way of explaining things that I also noticed about HP) and finished:

> Next up:  _Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban_.  I've always said
> it's
> my favorite of the series, but will it stay that way?

My, cliffhangers! 

I'm looking forward to it. HP III is/was my favourite.

BTW, I stopped reading in the middle of book five (not because I disliked it, it was just so *long* and at some point didn't capture me any more). My question is: Will Melissa make me pick it up again?


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