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Spoilers for "Barrayar"

It's just one word, really: "Shopping."

It's that whole moment. Piotr sneering -demanding to know where  
Cordelia's been - and Cordelia throwing the bag with Vordarian's head  
in it on the table.

It's just the perfect moment: defiant humor in the face of  
condescension and grief and exhaustion. And, of course, it's followed  
closely by "I paid too much for it."

I love Bujold!

I look forward to another book with Miles as its center. I'd really  
love an Ivan book. But another Cordelia book ... that would be pure joy.


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> Widdy said:
> <snip> . . . starting with the two Cordelia books before that, kindly
> collected into one volume now as "Cordelia's Honor". One of the best
> lines in the whole series is in there (which I won't spoil unless
> someone asks me to)
> I'm asking. I love quotable lines.
> (That's why I enjoy the interesting signatures that people use here -
> Deborah and Otter for example)
> Regards
> Elizabeth.
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