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My vote is for starting with Shards of Honor which I myself started with 
when I read it as a brand new paperback in 1986.  It's still one of my 
personal favorites and a perfect start to the whole series, but then I 
always prefer to read in chronological order.  Go read her.  She's one 
of the best living science-fiction and fantasy writers in my opinion.


Ian W. Riddell wrote:
> I'll put my 2 cents in for _not_ starting with "Memory". It's actually my
> favorite of the series, but I think it would lose it's profound emotional
> impact without the stories leading up to it.
> I'd argue for chronological order. That can mean starting with the first
> Miles book and "Warrior's Apprentice" or starting with the two Cordelia
> books before that, kindly collected into one volume now as "Cordelia's
> Honor". One of the best lines in the whole series is in there (which I 
> won't
> spoil unless someone asks me to) and some important background for some
> things that happen in the early Miles books.
> I started with "Cordelia's Honor" and have been hooked ever since.
> Actually, that's not quite true. I read "Ethan of Athos" years ago and
> enjoyed it - but didn't hunt down the rest - even then it felt 
> peripheral.
> I've read the whole series 3 times now and am trying to restrict 
> myself to
> doing that no more than once a year. I truly lose myself when I'm in that
> world.
> widdy
> On 7/11/07, Dorian E. Gray <israfel at eircom.net> wrote:
>> Juliette said...
>> >I hardly ever see Terry Pratchett books secondhand either. I have
>> >definitely
>> > seen two, and maybe three, but that's all.
>> Odd.  Quite a lot of his turn up in my local second-hand bookshop.
>> > I'd like to try LMB books. Which is the best to start with?
>> Hm.  What kind of story do you like?
>> If you're gung-ho for space opera, "The Warrior's Apprentice", which is
>> the
>> first Miles book, is probably a good place to start.
>> If you like mystery stories, you might do better skipping ahead to
>> "Memory".
>> If you're a fan of Georgette Heyer's romances, you could try "A Civil
>> Campaign".
>> (All of the above are Miles books, and SF.)
>> If you're more of the fantasy type, go for "The Curse of Chalion" first.
>> My own first LMB was "Shards of Honor", which, with its sequel 
>> "Barrayar",
>> tells the story of how Miles' parents met and got together, and their
>> early
>> married life.  SF with war, politics and romance.  I loved it, and
>> Cordelia
>> is one of my favourite ever characters, but I was a bit disappointed to
>> find
>> that the rest of the "Vorkosiverse" books concentrate on Miles - I like
>> him,
>> especially in the later books, but I like Cordelia more.
>> HTH
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