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Juliette said...

>I hardly ever see Terry Pratchett books secondhand either. I have 
> seen two, and maybe three, but that's all.

Odd.  Quite a lot of his turn up in my local second-hand bookshop.

> I'd like to try LMB books. Which is the best to start with?

Hm.  What kind of story do you like?

If you're gung-ho for space opera, "The Warrior's Apprentice", which is the 
first Miles book, is probably a good place to start.

If you like mystery stories, you might do better skipping ahead to "Memory".

If you're a fan of Georgette Heyer's romances, you could try "A Civil 

(All of the above are Miles books, and SF.)

If you're more of the fantasy type, go for "The Curse of Chalion" first.

My own first LMB was "Shards of Honor", which, with its sequel "Barrayar", 
tells the story of how Miles' parents met and got together, and their early 
married life.  SF with war, politics and romance.  I loved it, and Cordelia 
is one of my favourite ever characters, but I was a bit disappointed to find 
that the rest of the "Vorkosiverse" books concentrate on Miles - I like him, 
especially in the later books, but I like Cordelia more.


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