[DWJ] Burbling and an introduction

Jane Scarlett mail at janescarlett.com
Wed Jul 11 02:41:33 EDT 2007

Dorian said...

> A whole ONE of my LMB books was bought secondhand ("Komarr").  She really 
> doesn't seem to show up in the second-hand shops at all.

> Do any of the bookshops in Cambridge import US editions of books?  One of 
> the ones in Dublin does, and those editions are rather cheaper than the UK

> ones (usually EUR7ish as opposed to EUR10ish).  So it might be worth 
> having a look around for US imports of LMB - that's what most of my 
> collection is! (Or, depending on shipping prices, ordering through 
> Amazon.com or some other US online bookseller.)

Amazon have several compilations (Young Miles, Miles Errant, etc) which have
two or more books in them, and seem good value.  But be warned - one has
turned out to be a trade size paperback, which will mess up my shelves and
stop the double stacking, and some are a long delivery time and this doesn't
show at ordering.  Then when the package was delivered, it was put over the
back gate into the garden in pouring rain, and I only noticed this because I
was in the house at the time (!) and went out to ask why someone was poking
round the back without coming to the door.  But Amazon have said they will
take this up with the delivery company.  Borders UK have cheaper copies of
the titles than most other bookshops, but I dislike them almost as much as

Nothing like a good rant to start the day off!


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