[DWJ] Burbling and an introduction

Beck Laxton becklaxton at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 09:13:28 EDT 2007

Oooh, oooh, oooh -- I delurk again in a burst of excitement. I finally
listened to what you chaps were saying, and read Lois McMaster Bujold.
Isn't she fab? (Don't you think her name is a tad offputting, though?)
People have been mentioning her for ages, and it's such a sympatico
list that I knew I'd have to try her. But she doesn't seem to come up
secondhand very much at all - I wonder if that is, in fact, the sign of
a well-loved author? 

I finally had a look around the net, though, and found that her
publisher has a policy of luring in readers with free excerpts. A
brilliant, policy too - I've already ordered my first couple of books.
(And read them, and ordered some more, by the time I got round to
finishing this email.)  Loads online - I've read the first ten chapters
of 'The Warrior's Apprentice', the first five of 'Komarr', the first
ten of 'A Civil Campaign', the first five of 'Diplomatic Immunity'...
Does anyone else enjoy just bingeing on books? Oh, the joy of maternity
leave (the downside is, err, no income). 

Anyway, if anyone else has been resisting temptation, take a look at
the free excerpts here: http://www.dendarii.com/ebooks.html.

And *thank* you, guys.

Am I too late to do an intro? Oh, what the heck, nobody is going to
tell me I am, are they? Okay: I'm 41, work as an information designer,
and have just had my first baby. I live just outside Cambridge, in
England; I did a degree in English at the uni there and have only
realised after several decades that I'm really too addicted to books to
be able to write about them coherently. I mostly read secondhand
fiction, and have teetering piles of books in every corner of the
house. The house is sixteenth century, and so beautiful that I can't
really believe, even after three years, that I'm allowed to live here;
its only disadvantage is that it's hard to build bookshelves in it in
the sort of quantity I need. Like most listmembers, I have a cat: he's
a gorgeous ginger tabby called Angus, who's just turned ten. 

My first DWJ was 'Dogsbody', I think: I remember my dad being impressed
by the dog bits, and decades later a cosmologist I lived with being
impressed by the cosmological bits. That's part of the joy of Diana,
for me: whenever she touches on something you know about, she always
seems to get it absolutely right. And that means you trust her in
everything else too. I love the musical bits in 'Fire and Hemlock',
which is my favourite by quite a lot. Oddly, I don't especially like
'Deep Secret', which is lots of other people's fave, isn't it? 

I love the enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge on this list. I really
liked the recent dissection of Harry Potter, as I thought the books
were really pretty dreadful but couldn't quite work out why. I've found
some interesting reviews recently, which also had some useful insights:

Also, thanks for Minnow for telling me about the early drafts of TH
White's novels -- it's good to have something new to track down. I
fondly remember my obsession with DWJ in the late '80s, when I resorted
to ordering books from the US. It's good to see them all back in print.


Beck Laxton in Sawston, Cambridgeshire

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