[DWJ] Bramble RIP

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 16:48:40 EDT 2007

[Please forgive the cross-posting, but I don't think I could bear to
type this more than the once...]

Bramble, our senior Feline Overlord who has been with us since 1996,
crossed the Rainbow Bridge just before 9pm BST this evening.

The vet had discovered a mass in his gut during his annual checkup
and, because of his age, prescribed steroid pills to control the
growth rather than invasive and heroic surgery.

Sadly he took a turn for the worse, and this evening my daughter and I
had to come home from Youth Group early when my Wife saw him
staggering around the garden.

We took him to the Emergency Vet, who said that the growth had
increased in size and that we had done the only correct thing. He died
in my arms, purring to the end.

He was my darling boy, and I shall miss him forever...

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