[DWJ] narcissistic personality disorder site (was (now with F&H spoilers))

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jan 26 08:48:26 EST 2007

Elise wrote:

>Recently I've been reading about personality disorders.  One in particular
>leaps out as describing so
>many of the villains in DWJ's books and, of course, most definitely her
>mother.  There are lots of links
>available for clinical symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder, but
>here is one that describes the disorder
>in terms of behaviors, actions and relationships.  See if you don't
>recognize Laurel and Ivy (and Minnow's descriptions
>I've excerpted and quoted above) in here:

Fascinating.  Thank you.

Does anyone who hasn't happened to give birth ever present with
narcissistic personality disorder, or is it confined to females with
children; if so, how do these people get by if they happen not to spawn?
How do they express these characteristics if they lack child-victims and
have nobody readily-available to practise on?

That may be a silly question, but this entire site seems concentrated
exclusively on "the *mother* as evil Aunt Maria figure" -- which makes me
wonder slightly about the people who wrote it, to be honest: a need to
blame one's parents and in particular one's mother for all one's troubles
is a very well-recognised phenomenon, and may well be based on truth in
many cases, but it does sometimes appear more like a cop-out than a useful
response to anything.  Am I missing the point by not knowing the proper
words used to describe the paternal/male subset of "semi-professional
self-centred bullying toad" (and those for the adolescent of this type of
both sexes)?

I also wonder both how they get that way (is it gender-specific because it
is a byproduct of some aspect of the birthing experience, is it related to
Post Natal Stress or something?) and what they benefit from it.  Doesn't
look to me as if someone going to all that trouble to make someone else's
life a misery can be having much of a good time herself...  Are they happy
with their condition, is it fulfilling and satisfying?  Ivy seems to have
had (or to be having) a genuinely awful life at least partly as a result of
her own behaviour, I think.

Is there any defence a mother can make when her adolescent turns round and
says "You've got narcissistic personality disorder", or is this like "When
did you stop beating your wife?", one of the Great Unanswerables?  I can't
off-hand think of any way to rebut, rebuff, refute or otherwise squish that
charge without it instantly looking as if it were true!


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