[DWJ] The Game [was Intro post and new book?]

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Fri Jan 26 07:23:43 EST 2007

Charlie wrote (on The New Book):

 All I distinctly remember her saying was that, yes,
> it's set in the Howliverse (she didn't call it that) but that Howl himself
> makes a kind of guest appearance rather than being the main character.

When I met her (pause for squee) at the Reader's Day in June, she mentioned
she was writing a book - I asked her (on Charlie's instructions, in fact)
whether it was a standalone and she said she *thought* so, for the moment,
in that no-one from a previous book had shown up yet, but on the other hand
who could say?

So it sounds like it's the same one.

Yayy! Howl!

Love, Ika

PS: Minnow! I've just realized I never got back to you about Diane Duane! I
will consult with J - if the 4 books you don't have are recent, I don't
think she has them, as I haven't noticed any new DD coming into the house
since 2004 (and I also don't know whether the DD collection is here or in
storage in Melbourne) but I'll find out...

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