[DWJ] slight change you might notice in incoming mail

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jan 26 05:34:27 EST 2007

deborah wrote:

>About once every 6 months for longer than I will admit without
>bamboo slivers under my fingernails, Minnow has asked me

Well, I asked on 14th July last year...  :-)

>   "is there a reason for the return address for the DWJ list
>   being set as "Diana Wynne Jones <dwj[at]suberic.net>" instead
>   of just "dwj[at]suberic.net" as it used to be?  The thing is,
>   DWJ also has "Diana Wynne Jones" at the front of her address,
>   and I find it rather confusing, because I keep thinking I have
>   answered to her when I am answering to a post on the list"
>No, there was no reason.  I've changed it to "Diana Wynne Jones
>discussion" (the name change happened when I switched the mailing
>list software package to one which likes a name).  Hopefully this
>will clear up Minnow's inbox, and reduce confusion for anyone
>else who thought they were emailing DWJ.

which answers my question of 16th November 2005, shortly after that change
was made:
"Any chance we might go back to it just being dwj at suberic.net without the
name in front of it, or is there a Good Technical Reason for needing to
have a name there, the way there is for sacrificing black goats to the
skuzzy chain?"

Thank you very much, Deborah!

>I'm announcing this because
>- I want to give public props to Minnow for remembering the rule
>   of how to get things done around here: "Keep nagging Deborah
>   until she accomplishes it or explains why she can't."
>   Seriously!  This is exactly the right thing to do.  I am not
>   kidding.  Many of you know this from sad sad experience.

I don't think twice (and one of them was on-list, ooops!) is very much
nagging really.

Memo to self: Must Try Harder!


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