[DWJ] Re- lots of stuff. inc Rosemary Timperley

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Thu Jan 25 19:55:37 EST 2007

Not-quoting, but replying in brief 'cos I'm deadlined to the hilt and 
I want The Game.
I REALLY want that new one. (As long as she doesn't go wayyyyy off at a 
Happy Birthday, Charlie.
Hi, Lucy!
Great going on getting TG onto the comedy list.
And Free Shipping? I can't EVER get that. Amazon seems to love telling me 
Query: Has anyone read Rosemary Timperley? If so, can anyone tell me which 
of her books had a woman who woke up to find her husband and (I think) son 
had vanished... and she eventually discovered her life with them had been an 
extended dream?
And two little puffs... Our first Jack Russell book (in the audio form from 
Bolinda Audio) is shortlisted in the US Audie Awards.
I'm doing a series of linked fantasy books (with fairies - NOT the flitty 
kind - ) for 2008.


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