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Being a  Garner fan as well as a DWJ one, I think it would be interesting to
compare  Ivy and Laurel with Nancy and Margaret in *The Owl Service*. These
too are  thwarting, manipulative mothers, distinguished by class and
competence: one  a housekeeper every bit as resentful and jealous as Ivy, the
other the lady  of the Big House who uses guilt as a tool to keep others at
her beck. They  also have more than a hint of goddess in them (the goddess in
this case  being Arianrhod).

Actually, I can't imagine why this didn't occur to me  before.

You'll have to expand _Four British Fantasists_. Which I've just  bought, by 
the way -- saw it at the American Library Association midwinter  conference 
(which was here in Seattle -- a friend of mine wangled me a free pass  to the 
exhibit hall) and said Ooh! Ooh! I know that man, I do! I hadn't enough  money 
for it *and* the book of essays on the Psammead trilogy, alas. Anyway, I  liked 
it very much, and will try to write more later about exactly why.
Was it Evelyn Waugh who had an eccentric uncle who used to write him after  
each of his books was published and say "I suppose you are aware that there are 
 typographical errors on the following pages"? (without saying ANYTHING else  
about whether the book was good or bad)
Helen Schinske

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