[DWJ] The Game [was Intro post and new book?]

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Jan 25 07:15:51 EST 2007

>Minnow wrote:
>>  there wasn't much to say about it except "she's got another book coming
>out but she isn't sure exactly when"

and Gili came back:

>Oh, c'mon. Surely you can dig up some more information, fished straight from
>the horse's mouth? (Mixed metaphors, anyone?) Is it something to do with
>Homeward Bounders? Or a completely new standalone book? Something, anything,

It doesn't feel very polite to pester her, and I try not to: if information
is volunteered, that's one thing, but nidgetting is discourteous and anyway
it's pretty-much futile.  The rule is that while she is actually writing,
talking about it makes it mutate into something else and then set hard and
stop completely, so she generally doesn't; when the first draft is finished
she knows exactly what has to be changed or added in the second draft to
make it Right but if she talks about it she becomes confused about which
bits she's done and which she hasn't; when it's ready to go to an editor,
it's Done and she wants to think about the next one; and there is a slight
superstitious feeling that talking about the new book is a bit like
planning too much for the unborn baby, if one goes doing that then
something will go wrong at the printers.

So I have just rung up and asked point-blank: "*The Game* is now up on
Amazon, please can you give me some information about it to pass on to the
DWJ List?" and read out what you wrote above (she says "Hi, Gili") and
here, verbatim, is her response:

"You can tell them it's a one-off and it's dedicated to my grand-daughter
Frances.  This one" [of which she has just finished the first draft] "is a
sequel to Howl's Moving Castle, and that came as a bit of a surprise."

See what I mean?  Blood-from-a-stone time.

Then she went straight into a "and now my computer is doing *this* to me!"
plaint, which involves "when it's been in the screensaver and I go back to
the text it indents every line to halfway across the page and puts a Roman
numeral at the start of every paragraph, and it's utterly maddening, and
nothing I do stops it until I shut everything and start again" and didn't
*quite* say "and people who ring me up so that I talk to them instead of
writing give it the chance to do that", so I made hasty "I'll get you
things from the shop when I'm out shopping later" noises and got off the
phone so she could swear at the computer uninterrupted until she goes out
for lunch with Charlie (happy birthday Charlie!  Pump her if you can...)

There *may* be an uncorrected proof copy of *The Game* somewhere, and if
there is she says I may read it, and if there is and I do I can be a bit
more informative, but at the moment your guess is as good as mine.


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