[DWJ] Intro post and new book?

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 25 06:23:29 EST 2007

Gili wrote:
>Is it something to do with Homeward Bounders? Or a completely new 
>standalone book? Something, anything, please!

Amazon.com has a a bit of info- it looks like a standalone. They also say 
it's a novella.
"Educated at home and sheltered from the world, Hayley has grown up with her 
unloving grandmother and inaccessible grandfather. She is suddenly sent to 
stay with a more freewheeling, affectionate aunt in Ireland. There, her many 
cousins want nothing more than to play "the Game," which sends each one off 
on a separate quest in the mythosphere, a magical yet easily accessible 
place peopled by characters from myths and legends."

It sounds interesting!

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