[DWJ] Intro post and new book?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Jan 25 05:13:15 EST 2007

Hi Lucy!

>The reason I'm posting is because I noticed an apparently new book on
>Amazon: 'The Game'
>(Sorry for the long url but Yahoo groups always seems to strip coding.)

>Does anyone know anything about this? There seems to be nothing on Diana's
>website. Is it genuinely a new title, or is it a reissue? If this has
>already been covered on the list, then apologies, but I can't find
>anything (I've been offline a while, though, so I could have missed).

There's such a long wait between finished and in the shops that it isn't at
all easy to keep track sometimes

It's a new one, and I did get permission to mention here that it was
finished to the point of actually appearing within a year or so, but I
haven't yet read it so I forgot.  Things one hasn't read do tend to be a
bit nebulous, and there wasn't much to say about it except "she's got
another book coming out but she isn't sure exactly when", and that's simply
frustrating.  She's finished the first draft of the next one...

>PS Minnow, I suspect I know you - MA in Medieval Studies? If so, then hi!

Yes, that's probably me.  Are you doing the Phud at Bristol?


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