[DWJ] (now with F&H spoilers)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jan 24 06:13:07 EST 2007

>Minnow wrote:
>>I have a suspicion that both are aspects of DWJ's own mother, who was
>>certainly as destructive in many ways as either of them, and a great one
>>for manipulation of all sorts.

Robyn commented

>Interesting. I have a visceral reaction to that book because I see
>Laurel/Ivy as aspects of my own mother. Maybe DWJ tapped into a bad
>mother archetype.

This leads me to ponder slightly.  Fantasy Goddess frequently has the three
Aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone (occasionally Bride is thrown in so She
can seduce the Hero, and *very* occasionally someone like Diane Duane has
Her seducing *everyone*) and of the three Aspects, the Mother is almost
always presented as benign, nurturing, and generally safe.  The Maiden may
be a dangerous warrior type, the Crone is frequently tricksy and stern, but
the Mother?  Nah, she's on your side.  Unlike the other two, she
le-e-e-erves you, baby.

Given the number of people on this List who recognise the nasty
mother-figures in DWJ as being utterly true to their own life-experience, I
wonder why the Fantasy Goddess hardly ever manifests in Her Aspect as the
Bad Mother, neglecting, manipulating, smothering or eating Her children.


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