[DWJ] rediscovery of a book (now with F&H spoilers)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Tue Jan 23 07:09:49 EST 2007

Otter wrote:

 You have exposed my worst failing.  I can't get into
> Fire & Hemlock.

Well, it's not one of my favourites, either - I like it, but (except in
flashes) it doesn't feel quite like a DWJ book to me. I was enormously
surprised when I discovered how popular it is, both here and in the fanfic.

But I don't remember that woman as "sentimental", if you
> mean the Queen of the Fairies one ...

I was thinking already that probably I need to take more care with my F&H
allusions, since (again from the fanfic) most people seem to think it's all
about Polly and Tom,  whereas I think it's all about Polly and Laurel and
pay as little attention to Tom as I can. So it's probably a case of the
blind people and the elephant - my descriptions of the book are likely to be
unfamiliar even to people who *can* get into F&H...  Anyway, for me the key
phrase in the book is 'sentimental nonsense'*, which is what T*m writes on
Polly's story - and later, after Polly's remembered that she agreed to give
Tom up because of Laurel's taradiddle about cancer and so on, she's furious
with herself for falling for Laurel's 'sentimental nonsense' (I think the
phrase is actually repeated).  So, yeah. Sorry for the obscurity.

Love, Ika

*or 'rubbish'? Don't have it to hand.

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