[DWJ] DWJ in the Guardian

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Jan 18 15:50:00 EST 2007

Ania gave us the heads-up

>I was idly looking through my copy of the Grauniad today and guess what I
>spotted in the G2 section!
>Have a look when you have stopped reeling with the shock of an on-topic
>post from me.

They were civilised and did the thing by telephone, and they warned her in
advance and sent her a list of questions so she could think about them.

The little green nasty-rubbish box in the kitchen cupboard is called "the
sandwich box" by her husband.

She very nearly pointed out to them that she has worked out that if all the
icecaps melt her back yard will be underwater but her study will be above
the flood, so she would carry on as usual but unblocking the chimney in her
sitting-room so she could have an open fire in there, but she felt that
might be cruel.

And whilst she was working out truthful replies to the questions she became
very fond of the notional donkey, and also of the two evil-tempered
guard-goats she felt she would probably have to keep to drive off
trespassers since the guard dog would be a useless shivering creature
taking up altogether too much space in her tent.

In fact she had *fun* with the contemplation of this one.  Thank you for
letting me know it has appeared: I've been looking forward to seeing which
bits of her invention she decided to share with them.


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