[DWJ] Re: Duane's Wizard books and mentors

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jan 15 17:12:01 EST 2007

widdy wrote:

>I guess I'll beg to differ on the mentor thing. There's the gay wizard
>couple, with whom the parrot lives (Tom and Carl? - don't have my
>books handy). Although I suppose you could categorize them as advisors
>rather than mentors. They're what brought me to the series in the
>first place. I love the fact that there's no question they're a couple
>- and no one ever refers to that fact at all, for good or ill.

They can't be mentors: they aren't along on the quests giving advice all
the time in a Gnomic way, or being Testy!

I love Duane for one of her other series (the Door Into... books) in which
every single person in the kingdom will at some point in his or her life
have the pleasure and privilege of intimate sexual relations with the
Creator -- She turns up as an innkeeper at one point and takes one of the
Questfolk to bed with Her (possibly a girl who is also a ?pregnant? or just
dead? dragon: I lose track slightly).  And the Missing Heir, and his
Boyhood Friend and Companion, *and* the Fire Elemental/Horse one of them
has tamed, are lovers.  Very relaxed attitude she has about these things.

(anyone who hasn't read them, I'm about to give away the series' ending)








She subverts the Evil Usurper business too: the Missing Heir was such an
incompetent waste of space at the time he went missing that rather than let
anarchy prevail, a poor bloke has taken on running a kingdom he really
doesn't all that much want, and is delighted to get shot of when the
irresponsible brat finally grows up a bit and comes back fit to take

I *like* Duane.  I've even read two whole Star Trek novelisations entirely
because she wrote them, and they are great fun -- in fact I even *own*
them.  I do draw the line at seeking out her "My Little Pony" books,

ObDWJ: I once had the joy of being there when Diane Duane, Peter Morwood
and DWJ, plus several other people, took the Docklands Light Railway from a
convention in the Britannia International Hotel in Docklands and went off
to find Chinese food, and it was a truly hilarious occasion.  Diane brings
out the Utter Frivol in DWJ, and vice versa, and Peter Morwood is a
genuinely funny man in his own right.  All three of them revel in


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