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> Oh, do read the Duanes: they're a whole lot better than *that*.  There is
> no school of any kind involved, I do assure you!  *So You Want To Be  A
> Wizard* does have I think two brief scenes in a school playground.  One of
> There is a theme you may have spotted as being perhaps a tad predictable,
> but they're very good.  There are a couple of gods occasionally giving
> hints, but not a single mentor.  Well, there's a gnomic parrot that makes
> the occasional prophecy but is still definitely a parrot, but I don't think
> she's a mentor really.

I guess I'll beg to differ on the mentor thing. There's the gay wizard
couple, with whom the parrot lives (Tom and Carl? - don't have my
books handy). Although I suppose you could categorize them as advisors
rather than mentors. They're what brought me to the series in the
first place. I love the fact that there's no question they're a couple
- and no one ever refers to that fact at all, for good or ill.

I'll admit to having fallen behind. I'm up to "A Wizard's Dilemma" -
time to catch up while I'm waiting for the next Bujold, I suppose.

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