[DWJ] How weird is this?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jan 15 15:09:14 EST 2007

Dorian wrote:

>I guess someone failed in their duty to tell you.  Those really are four
>whole new ones you haven't got.  I have "A Wizard Alone" (but not the
>others; bah).

Mmm.  Roger sent me the synopses by email.

>That being the case, you might also be unaware that Diane has recently made
>the first book of the "Raetian Tales", "A Wind from the South" available for
>free download - I grabbed it recently and it's rather good.  The founding of
>Switzerland with lots of folktales really happening and a very cool version
>of Artemis.  I know your computer doesn't like the Internet, but if you want
>I can send it to you.

Thanks!  Not right now, because I am Patricia McKilliped up (Od and another
whose name for the moment escapes me 'cos I haven't yet read it) and ought
to get them back to their owner before I embark on anything else, but if I
can't get the download later I might get back to you on that one.



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