[DWJ] How weird is this?

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 03:48:46 EST 2007

Minnow wrote:

> OK, Ika, I can't speak for the later books, which I evidently haven't read,
> but the first six don't have a wizarding school in them.  :-)

:) Apologies to Diane Duane! I started the first one (though I didn't
get very far with it), and remembered a boy discovering a book called
*So You Want To [etc]* in a school library - but I must have
confabulated the wizarding school. I've been a bit immersed in the
Potterverse lately and it looks like Rowling has colonized my brane
into thinking that schools are the only places to learn magic
::squints at brane, a bit indignantly::

(I thought we'd given *So You Want To...* back to the charity shop but
when I checked with my gf she squeaked and informed me that in fact we
own the whole series, so I can correct myself fairly easily...)

Love, Ika

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