[DWJ] How weird is this?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jan 14 17:13:51 EST 2007

>> So what is it about Diane Duane that attracts those into Victorian BDSM????

Ika muttered:

>Haven't read it - but the Potter books (especially since 5) basically
>*are* 'erotic discipline' in a sort of cod-historical
>Victorian/mediaeval setting. So if Duane's wizarding school is like
>Hogwarts -  or (more likely, perhaps) if her readers are also
>Rowling's readers - I can see the connection.

Oh, do read the Duanes: they're a whole lot better than *that*.  There is
no school of any kind involved, I do assure you!  *So You Want To Be  A
Wizard* does have I think two brief scenes in a school playground.  One of
'em has a star with hiccoughs regurgitating volumes of Encyclopedia
Britannica and other improbabilities including a Lear jet, the other has
the bullied girl who has become very powerful during the course of the book
not bothering to do anything about the bullies at the end because they are
no longer important enough to bother about.

No comparison.

*So You Want To Be  A Wizard* (1983): how to get out of being bullied, get
back your space-pen in the end, and save the world.
*Deep Wizardry* (1985): how to make friends with the Master Shark even
though he is going to eat you (no malice on his part, it's just his job),
as he must in order for the pair of you to save the world or at least New
*High Wizardry* (1990): how to survive having a bratty kid sister with a
computerised wizardry that leads to her upstaging you by saving the goddam
*A Wizard Abroad* (1993): how to stop Ireland from ending up reliving all
its history including the really scary bits we don't happen to know about,
and thus contribute to the ultimate saving of the world.
*The Book of Night With Moon* (1997): how to be a wizard who also happens
to be a cat, whose business is to save the world on a regular basis even
when a dinosaur has just eaten Pavarotti.
*On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service* (someone has halfinched my copy and I
can't give a copyright date, honestly, you can't trust anyone these days):
how to be part of a team of cats whose business it is to stop the
Victorians from *using* their nuclear weapons, thereby

(you guessed it)

saving the world.  Or at least one of it.

There is a theme you may have spotted as being perhaps a tad predictable,
but they're very good.  There are a couple of gods occasionally giving
hints, but not a single mentor.  Well, there's a gnomic parrot that makes
the occasional prophecy but is still definitely a parrot, but I don't think
she's a mentor really.


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