[DWJ] rediscovery of a book

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Sat Jan 13 18:58:30 EST 2007

I read a story once and I couldn't remember where.  Finally,
after Dorian [IIRC] mentioned the LJ community WhatWasThatBook,
I went on there and described it as best as I could.

Some kind soul told me it sounded like "The Baker King"
by Margaret Whalen Turner.  Well, it turns out you can buy
_Instead of Three Wishes_ for not a whole ton of money,
so I did.

The mail carrier delivered it today and I just finished
what has to have been a rereading of it.  "The Baker
King" was indeed the story I had been remembering.
And I remembered "Leroy Roachbane" when I saw the

I only very faintly remember "Factory" and "Instead
of Three Wishes".  I didn't remember "Aunt Charlotte
and the NGA Portraits" and "The Nightmare" at all.

This was all kind of strange.  I suppose I only read
the book once, back when it was new or nearly so.
But why should I remember "The Baker King" pretty
well and recognize "Leroy Roachbane" just from the
title, and not the others?



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—actress Marie Dressler

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