[DWJ] Petition on school libraries

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jan 8 07:20:16 EST 2007

Elizabeth wrote:

>> This is the Graduate Teacher Programme - you aren't qualified until you
>> finish and are supervised until then. As the PGCE is very largely spent in
>> school doing teaching practice there is not as much difference as you would
>> think - though you are paid a salary while you are on the scheme. But no
>> guarantee of a job in the school.

and Farah riposted:

>You teach unsupervised for most of the two years.

This begins to look like a clear case of is-it-Feynman? that someone has
recently used for a .sig, to the effect "In theory, practice and theory is
the same; in practice, it isn't."

After all, there would be little point in employing someone to take the
load  off one teacher so that s/he would have time to teach more pupils, if
that freed-up time then had to be used by that teacher in
supervising/training the substitute.  You might as well save your money and
just pay the one overworked teacher to do the job, and cut out the


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