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As I said, this isn't quite true, because there is an apprenticeship
route one can go--I only know about this because a desperate friend (a
head teacher) tried to recruit me about five years ago.

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> >> To be honest, I hope that just as teaching, at least in state schools,
> >> requires a professional *teaching* qualification (rather than a lawyer's or
> >> an accountant's),
> >>
> >
> > It doesn't you know,. This is a very common misapprehension. What *is*
> > compulsory is the new working with children clearance. But I if I had
> > that, and I could persuade a school to take me on, there is not a
> > thing in the world that would make this illegal.
> >
> This does not appear to be true any more.
> "To teach in a state school or a private special school you must have
> Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). QTS is not a requirement for teaching in
> independent schools, but it will give you more scope for developing your
> career."
> http://www.learndirect-advice.co.uk/helpwithyourcareer/jobprofiles/profiles/
> profile820/
> "To teach in a state-maintained school you will need qualified teacher
> status (QTS), achieved through completing initial teacher training (ITT) and
> demonstrating that you have met the required standards."
> http://www.tda.gov.uk/Recruit/thetrainingprocess/achievingqts.aspx
> What is now being increasingly done is to employ non-qualified staff to
> cover classes, but these are technically taught under the supervision of a
> teacher, who sets the work and assesses it. There are also people employed
> as 'instructors', who are paid on a different scale.
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