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>> To be honest, I hope that just as teaching, at least in state schools,
>> requires a professional *teaching* qualification (rather than a lawyer's or
>> an accountant's),
> It doesn't you know,. This is a very common misapprehension. What *is*
> compulsory is the new working with children clearance. But I if I had
> that, and I could persuade a school to take me on, there is not a
> thing in the world that would make this illegal.
This does not appear to be true any more.

"To teach in a state school or a private special school you must have
Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). QTS is not a requirement for teaching in
independent schools, but it will give you more scope for developing your

"To teach in a state-maintained school you will need qualified teacher
status (QTS), achieved through completing initial teacher training (ITT) and
demonstrating that you have met the required standards."

What is now being increasingly done is to employ non-qualified staff to
cover classes, but these are technically taught under the supervision of a
teacher, who sets the work and assesses it. There are also people employed
as 'instructors', who are paid on a different scale.

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