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>> To be honest, I hope that just as teaching, at least in state schools,
>> requires a professional *teaching* qualification (rather than a lawyer's or
>> an accountant's),

and Farah remarked:
>It doesn't you know,. This is a very common misapprehension. What *is*
>compulsory is the new working with children clearance. But I if I had
>that, and I could persuade a school to take me on, there is not a
>thing in the world that would make this illegal.

How interesting.  The last time I was paying attention to this, admittedly
several years (possibly several decades) ago now, there was a row going on
because state schools were being obliged to require a formal teaching
qualification for all teachers they weren't already employing (and I think
there was something about those already working needing to get a formal
qualification whilst they were in the job), and this meant that the
early-retired but rather good people who had been teaching for years and
years and knew their stuff couldn't do emergency-cover supply-teaching to
help out the schools they used to work for in crises.  I'm glad that common
sense may have prevailed, sad that it's probably far too late for those
elderly teachers who though sometimes terrifying often really could teach.

>This is why some schools have taken on the new apprenticeship model:
>they hire someone with specific knowledge and train them on the job.

Reverting to the system used by prep. and public schools in the twenties
and thirties, in which someone who had done well in sports at Oxbridge was
hired to teach the little beasts cricket and football really, and found
himself also required to teach history, maths, or any other subject where
the headmaster found a gap in his staff?  At least one Waugh went that
route and all I can say is I'm glad *my* son wasn't at *that* school!

ObDWJ, what do you suppose were the father's teaching qualifications in
*Time of the Ghost*, if any?


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