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On 5/1/07 10:44, "Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale)"
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> Well, the first thing is that the petition says nothing about a
> librarian's qualification.  A professional English teacher is a
> professional, after all.  In some ways I think it a good thing that the
> petition has not tried to specify this sort of thing; but it does allow
> plenty of scope for the government to mess things up.
To be honest, I hope that just as teaching, at least in state schools,
requires a professional *teaching* qualification (rather than a lawyer's or
an accountant's), I hope that it is implicit that a library requires a
professional *library* qualification. I would be more than happy for there
to be a move to having dually qualified school librarians, as they do in
Australia, but that would be even more expensive. Then they would have to
pay a teacher's salary!

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