[DWJ] Heyer

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Thu Jan 4 19:45:24 EST 2007

> I have a great fondness for Hero and her >hero -- although for the life of 
> me I can't >remember *his* name, just hers

Sherry - Viscount Sherringham, I think.

My favourites when I used to read Heyer regularly were The Toll-Gate, The 
Unknown Ajax, and Devil's Cub - but looking back, I rather think Cottillion. 
Must re-read and find out! I think April Lady was not a favourite - wasn't 
she the one who had trouble having children? Was that ever resolved? I also 
liked the one with twins... False Colours. Kit and Evelyn's wonderfully gay 
(in the old sense) mother gracefully took on her ciscisbeo to sort out the 


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