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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jan 3 15:05:58 EST 2007

>On Wed, 3 Jan 2007, Robyn Starkey wrote:
>|Minnow wrote:
>|> Don't you find that very often your favourite Heyer is the one you happen
>|> to be reading at the time or read most recently, or the one you read just
>|> before that?
>|Freddy is my favourite Heyer hero, but I think The Unknown Ajax is actually my
>|favourite book. It's another one where the couple fall in love because
>they can
>|share a joke, and Hugh's invention of the wromantic girl-friend is a classic
>|Heyer poke at conventions.
>For me it's always The Grand Sophy and Frederica.  Charles is
>just so wonderfully fun as he's trained and bullied by Sophie, and
>Frederica is so oblivious.

Oh, bless you deborah, that's the word for her that I've been hunting for
*years*!  It isn't that she's uncaring or managing or whatever other
negative words people throw when they want to emphasise that she doesn't
*understand* poor Charis's terrible troubles (which let's face it anyone
might tend to discount a bit: why shouldn't Charis wait a month or two
before getting engaged to someone she's known for a whole six weeks or so?)
It's that she's so focused on getting Charis a good husband that she is
oblivious to everything else including noticing that someone has fallen in
love with her and she with him....

But I couldn't for the life of me pick only two and say they were my
favourites.  "What about *Sylvester*", I mutter to myself, scribbling
lists.  Or "I can't very well not say *Cotillion*".  And then I start to
ask "Can I have five?" because there's *The Grand Sophy* and *Devil's Cub*
(I love Mary) and ...  And what about Drusilla, the ultimate Anti-Wromantic
in her reasoning?  and *The Toll-Gate* (three days, is it, from meeting to
wedding?) and and and


Incidentally, I was reading a book the other day in which somebody
surprises himself by knocking someone else down, just as Freddy does Jack
at the end of *Cotillion*, and I swear it was too close to Heyer to be
anything other than homage.  If I think really hard I may even remember
what it was.

Oh, yes: someone I know is a Heyer fan.  Pat Wrede's *Mairelon the
Magician*, the chaotic scene at the end when practically the entire cast
end up in one room with a wromantic girl fainting and the villain
more-or-less twirling his moustaches and holding them all at gunpoint with
less and less chance he can go on doing so.  If that bit doesn't owe
something to Heyer, I'm a banana.


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