[DWJ] Best Books of 2006 (complete with silly categories, and much longer

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Wed Jan 3 14:31:43 EST 2007

Farah said...

> Katta wrote:
> >As for painting on
> >the walls, I wrote stuff on mine, and the cat clawed on then, and they
> >didn't come tumbling down because of it.
> I was allowed to draw on the walls of my bedroom as long as I didn't
> draw on the walls anywhere else (I was an inveterate doodler as a
> child). When they were painted over it took five coats.

We had that rule too.  My brother and I shared a bedroom until I was about 
11 and he was 9, and we just had lining paper on the walls, and were allowed 
to draw and write and scribble on them as much as we liked.  We wrote on the 
ceiling too, at one point (we had bunk beds, so we could reach), which was 
less approved of.

When we got separate rooms, my parents simply put up "real" wallpaper over 
the lining paper in our old room - though they miscalculated the amount 
they'd need, and my grandfather spent ages doing a sort of jigsaw with the 
offcuts to cover the last bits of wall (he did a great job, too; you have to 
look really closely to find the joins - no, the room hasn't been redecorated 
since!).  I think a couple of coats of paint were needed to cover the 
writing on the ceiling, though.

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